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Tuesday 31 May 2011
by Wulf
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A Damp Gig

Pete and I (AKA Peter and the Wulf) played at the Lord Mayor’s Picnic event at Oxford’s Botanic Gardens yesterday. As you may have noticed, if you were anywhere near the area, it was raining all day so turned out … Continue reading

Sunday 29 May 2011
by Wulf
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An Open Door

Whoops! When we got home after a short trip out yesterday morning, our neighbour told us she had seen our front door open. I think we must have forgotten to lock it on our way out (a dratted double-glazed door … Continue reading

Saturday 28 May 2011
by Wulf
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Gooseberry Juice

I took a few gooseberries out of the garden yesterday. They are not quite ripe yet but one had fallen to the ground and a few more were on a branch that was resting on the ground so the chances … Continue reading

Friday 27 May 2011
by Wulf

Giant Radishes

Jane is modelling the ‘Sicily Giant’ radishes, one of the two varieties we are growing this year. We haven’t had such success with the other ones yet (‘Red Flesh’; a hardy variety so I suspect it might have been a … Continue reading

Thursday 26 May 2011
by Wulf
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As expected, today’s SG reading is still 1.010 (at 18ºC) so it is definitely time to bottle up… and that means time to start washing and sterilising bottles. I think that measurement is the one to calculate the strength of … Continue reading

Wednesday 25 May 2011
by Wulf
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Holding Steady

The temperature is a bit lower today (18.5ºC) but the SG reading is holding firm at 1.010. The foam has also largely disappeared from the top of the liquid now. Therefore, I think I will be bottling shortly.