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I have been meaning to get round to doing some home brewing and have at last reached the point where things are (more or less) tidy enough to make a start. All the brewing vats, bottles and the like were in place but you also need a certain amount of space where you can put the fermenting mixture.

I recently discovered a shop in Headington (Headington Homewares) that stocks beer kits and today popped in to pick up a tin of Geordie “Scottish Export”. It comes with yeast and, along with some sugar (and cleaning stuff to ensure everything is spotless and avoid contamination), I am now ready to make a start.

From a bit of research, I see there are all sorts of things I could be considering, such as whether to use a mixture of powdered malt and dextrose instead of cane sugar, but I will keep things simple the first time round and can build in refinements in future brews.


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    • I have done it before but not for years (apart from helping a couple of friends last year). This time round, my intention is to get one or two kit brews under my belt and then, starting by tweaking them, start to exercise my own creativity.