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7 Days 4 — Bookish

Wulf standing in front of bookshelves, which bend away to the left of the frame


I have not actually got a wall lined entirely with bookshelves but, if I had copies of all the books I have borrowed and read from libraries, friends and family over the years I think I would need to. I started this 7 Days shot with the idea that I wanted to stand in front of my shelves and then added in the visual concepts of using a wide angle and cropping to a 16:9 ratio. That magnifies the contrast between near and far, create the illusion of the shelves going on forever.

My original sketch (before embarking on a project like this, I like to scribble down a series of thumbnail ideas) had me standing at the other end of the frame but, in the end, I decided that furniture and lighting suggested reversing that and I am pleased with the result.

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