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7Days — Farewell

Wulf waving goodbye from the screen of a mobile phone

7Days - Goodbye

Yesterday was the last day of the summer 2011 run of 7Days and so I wanted to wave goodbye to my friends from the group. I had been planning to do that from my new phone, an HTC Wildfire S. However, although it arrived earlier than expected (over a week ago) I had been sent the wrong model and so, this week, I have been waiting for the replacement to arrive.

It had not turned up by yesterday so I took this shot on my old phone (an LG B2100) and used the most efficient photo transfer method available, namely taking a shot with my camera. As with the other shots from this week, I could not resist giving it a little polish; here I have adjusted the colours and added increasing pixelisation toward the edges of the frame to emphasis the lo-fi effect that comes from a 128x128px display.

ps. the new phone has arrived this morning and has just finished charging!