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7Days — Zymurgist

Wulf standing in front of a window holding up a sample tube of beer


In case you were wondering, zymurgy is the science of fermentation; understanding how to set yeasts to work to convert sugars into carbon dioxide and ethanol. It is also known as zymology but I prefer the mystique of this Greek-based word to its Latin-based cousin.

Since I have been getting into home brewing recently, I thought it would make a good theme for one of my 7Days set.  I am checking my mild brew, down to 1.012 at 19.5ºC when I took this photo. I suspect it is approaching the point when the yeast has done its work and it is time to bottle. In fact, I could nip downstairs now and take another sample.

[… sound of feet clattering away, then returning after a pause …]

Stop press: same again. I will probably let it sit in the fermenting vessel a little longer but need to gather and wash my bottles. Particularly important this time is labelling, as I will have two batches sitting next to each other. I wonder if there is a fancy word for label maker?

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