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Harvesting Tree Spinach

Young plants of Chenopodium giganteum (tree spinach)

Chenopodium giganteum

Those gorgeous young plants shown above are now about three months on from when the seed was sown and about six weeks (and more than a foot of growth) from when the picture was taken.

They should grow to six feet tall or beyond if conditions are right for them but we decided to take a sampling. I plucked a few leaves from the top of one plant (leaving the tip) and the tip and the leaves surrounding it from another; I don’t know how best to harvest them so I tried both approaches.

We gave them a good wash and cooked them up. They lose their magenta highlights and turn a dark green but they were quite delicious, like spinach with perhaps a hint of seaweed. I will allow a week or so to see how the harvested plants recover but expect that tree spinach will then become a regular part of our diet for the next few months.

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