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Tales from King James

Tales from King James is the currently running production from Creation Theatre in Oxford, which Jane and I went to see last night. It was the same pair of actors who had starred in the Nearly the Goat production we saw at Christmas and, again, it was a theatrical tour-de-force. The two of them, along with a range of simple but imaginatively used selection of props, held the stage confidently for almost an hour and half without a break.

The play doesn’t attempt to tell the whole story of the Bible, nor of the King James Version (which celebrates its 400th birthday this year). However, it does depict numerous stories picked back and forward from the Bible within the meta-narrative of a couple fleeing un-named riots and troubles and taking sanctuary in a church. Quotations are from the Authorised Version but the acting helps translates phrases from flowery archaism to contemporary relevance.

The run continues until 11 June and it is definitely recommended if there is the slightest chance of catching it before it is done.

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