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When I was growing up, Sunday breakfast was frequently a francophile treat, with hot buttered baguettes accompanied by bowls of café au lait. Sometimes we would enjoy croissants as another treat along the same theme and Jane and I have recently begun to recreate that tradition on one of our weekend breakfasts. We have been cheating a little though and using croissant dough from a can.

We had some this morning (cooked with a bit of honey in the centre of each one; sweet, sticky and delicious. Tomorrow though we will get to try home-made croissants. Tonight I have made a dough and rolled it out several times with a lump of butter in the middle. As you fold and roll, this creates very thin layers of dough and butter sandwiched together. They have been shaped into crescents and are now resting in the fridge overnight. Hopefully they will not swell up too much in the cold (the fridge is rather full!) and tomorrow we can enjoy home-baked croissants before we go to work.

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