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Not Inevitable

There is a lot of news flying round the internet this weekend. I am sure people are doing serious academic studies of what kind of subjects are flagged up and passed on by different groups. Social media channels, like Twitter and Facebook, seem to have a lot on the death of Amy Winehouse. The cause of her death is still unrevealed but all the clues point to either the direct or indirect effects of a hedonistic lifestyle.

Inevitable? Perhaps not. Responsible adults do have to make choices and the age of 27 is old enough to be considered an adult. Perhaps some good will come of it if others are inspired to make better choices. She did have an amazing voice although that is not quite as rare a commodity as the star-makers would have us believe. For me, the heroes of the musical world are not the ones who burn out young but the ones who live to make an ongoing contribution and, particularly as the media world remembers one whose downward path was fuelled by the celebrity machine, those who manage to make lives that are not dependent on the Ouroboros-system that seems to take a perverse delight in sacrificing its own children.

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