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A Pot of Chocolate

I tried another recipe from my Hairy Bikers book last night, for a Belgian Chocolate Mousse. The recipe calls for 400g of chocolate but I only had (most of) a 100g bar so I scaled everything down to 25%. I’m glad I did — what Dave and Si reckons feeds four would stretch to eight in my opinion.

The chocolate (dark with at least 70% cocoa solids) is melted in a container suspended over simmering water, ie. a bain marie. That is set to cool a little and then an egg yolk is mixed in, followed by half a tablespoon of caster sugar. The egg white is whipped to stiff peaks and folded into the mixture; I think I could have been whisking the whites while waiting for the chocolate to melt. They add a dash of drambuie; I don’t have any of that so I used a little cherry brandy instead although I couldn’t taste it in the end result and I don’t think it necessarily needed.

You put the mixture into the serving dishes (I used ramekins) and put into the fridge to set. The result is incredibly rich but perfect for chocolate lovers. Next time, I might try it with a layer of crumbled sweet biscuit at the bottom of the ramekins and a thin layer of cream poured over the top.