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Breaking In

Yesterday, I was breaking and entering or, more specifically, trying to enter without doing any breaking. It wasn’t the start of a new crime career but instead the result of accidentally leaving a key inside the front door and then shutting it behind us as we headed out on a trip to Wytham Woods and Witney. All windows shut, back door usable but the inner door to the kitchen (for which we had no spare key) was locked. We decided to carry on with our trip and figure it out on our return.

The quickest route in would have been to break the glass in the inner door but I really wanted to avoid that if possible; that haste would have cost a lot of hassle in making good the damage. Fortunately we still had access to our utility room (also inside the back door but not on the other side of the kitchen) and, after a few attempts, were able to hack together a device to reach through the front letterbox and pull down the handle (the front door was firmly shut from outside but not fully locked). Phew!

Needless to say, I followed that up with getting spare keys cut for the inner back door; we don’t want a repeat performance if we can avoid it!

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