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Muted Bridge, Cracked Nut

Last night’s Peter and the Wulf gig down at the Isis Farmhouse went well and was further improved because an old friend showed up unexpectedly, giving a chance to catch up as well as enjoy the music from the other bands.

As well as the overall performance of the music, I was also happy with how my modification to my Stagg Electric Upright Bass worked. I had loosened the strings and put a strip of soft lino and pieces of fabric between the bridge and the strings. The idea is to alter the tonal characteristic of the strings and push the sound a bit more towards the thumpy character of an amplified upright bass. I think it got a little way there and certainly didn’t hurt, so I will leave that mechanism in place.

However, while setting this up, I did spot that the plastic nut of the bass has developed a small crack near the G side. That isn’t so good; it might be wise for me to pop into the local shop that deals with acoustic basses and other instruments and see how much a replacement might cost.

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