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Spent and Spent Again

They say that you can’t have your cake and eat it but, when you brew beer from grain, you get a pile of spent grain. Most of the starch has been converted into sugars by enzymes that are active during the mash phase and then washed out into the wort but I had a feeling that more could be done than tipping the lot onto the compost heap.

Online searches turned up bread as the most popular option and, sure enough, this was a hit. My first attempt came out as a very sloppy dough because I used a weight of grains in place of some of the flour. However, keeping the regular amount of flour, slightly reducing the water and adding about 200g of grains, turned out some very tasty bread both in loaf and role form.

Other successful experiments included cereal bars and steeping some grains in hot milk to create malted milk. Nothing wasted and plenty enjoyed (even apart from the beer, which will deserve a review of its own sometime in the next week or two).

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