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Flanders and Swann

What a busy weekend. Since getting Saturday’s DIY escapades out of the way I have spent hours playing: bass at a party last night and then electric guitar in this morning’s service, acoustic guitar for the evening service (and a spot of choral singing preparing for next week’s carol service in the afternoon).

For the party we had all sorts of contributions from poetry to opera. A few friends and I ended the entertainment part of the party with some slightly sillier items in the form of various comedy songs from artists such as Reeves and Mortimer, Fat and Frantic and, among my favourites, good old Flanders and Swann. I led off on a trio of those wonderful tunes: The Gasman Cometh, The Hippopotamus Song and The Budget Song. They might have been written a while ago but are as funny as ever (particularly with the F&S seal off approval for substituting in the names of present leaders to bring the budget song up to date).

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