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Coming to the Edge by Theresa Murphy

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Coming to the Edge

As far as it goes, Coming to the Edge is a half-way decent police procedural. It has all the expected cast, such as the maverick hero and dependable sidekick (two in this case) along with support from villains, witnesses and suspects.

Unfortunately though, the writing style is extremely stilted. Do you recall the stereotype of the plodding constable in the dock, reading verbatim from his notebook? Perhaps it is not fair to suggest that the language is that flat-footed throughout but it never raises itself beyond pedestrian heights.

Compounding this failure, the plot has both loose ends and a hasty wrap up. Does that mean a sequel is in the offing? If so, I hope the author spends some time reading the likes of Peter Robinson before sending on to the publisher. I think tightening up the prose would draw in the corners of the plot and the result could be a more satisfying read. 2 / 5.

5 January, 2012 by Wulf Forrester-BarkerBook Review

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