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Grubbing in the Dirt Again

I have kept an eye on things outside and have even still been harvesting (Kale Nero di Toscana — what a long-season star!) but today has been my first time doing some proper gardening this year, grubbing around outside and getting my fingers dirty.

Jane was given a patio apple tree for her birthday, which I have now potted up, and I also planted some potatoes in the polytunnel. It is not really the proper time of year but these were a few sprouted tubers of the ‘Purple Majesty’ variety we had left over from a supermarket purchase months ago. Since I had the space free, nothing will be lost even if the protection of the polytunnel is not enough to give them a boost. I am h0peful though, as some of the marigolds I planted in the autumn look about ready to burst into flower.

So, back in the garden; it is about time we got a proper plan together for what to plant and where!

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