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Road Rash

When committed to making a blog post most days, sometimes you struggle to think of what to write and sometimes inspiration walks up and hits you in the face.

Self portrait showing grazes from my accident

Road Rash

Unfortunately, today’s inspiration came in the form of a slick road surface at a junction, my cycle home from an early meeting at work and a sudden, unwanted closeness to the tarmac! I regularly cycle that corner and normally glide round it; I don’t think I was going any faster than normal today but the back wheel suddenly lost its grip. Fortunately there was no car on my tail and the only damage seems to be a few grazes.

Having done my┬ácathartic self-portrait session to document the event (and give time to ensure that there don’t seem to be any more serious injuries), I think I will go down to check my bike and, assuming my initial assessment that it is fine is correct, go ahead with my planned ride down to Wallingford to pick up a pair of shoes (Jane is out with the car today). They say it is good to get back on a horse if you have fallen off although, trust me, I will be taking it very carefully.