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Almost Blind

On Saturday night I was helping out at the Overflow youth event at our church. This month it was a chocolate party and, in one of the warm up games (chocolate smudge: put a square of chocolate on your forehead and manoeuvre it into your mouth without using your hands) I made the mistake of putting my glasses in my pocket. Trying to accomplish the goal, I managed to twist the frames and pop one of the lenses out. Whoops! (although at least I did get the chocolate).

The glasses are now repaired and seem to be none the worse for wear but it meant I had to spend the rest of the evening keeping an eye on thing and running various challenges without glasses to help me see. I could cope but it was a very different experience to being able to see clearly. It definitely gave me a different perspective on the evening and reminded me not to take my artificially fixed sight for granted.

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