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With the 7 Days group there are always a couple of days with set themes but the final photo of each run also has the unofficial theme of saying goodbye. I was trying to think of something more than just a picture of me waving and came up with the idea of changing my focus:

A blurry black and white shot of Wulf playing double bass with the focus on a poster in the background

Time to Focus Elsewhere

As well as being a visual joke to appeal to a crowd of photographers, it also let me draw attention to the poster for the Foolish Folk gig I had with Peter and the Wulf that evening (you can see the full version in the post I made on Friday).

That was a great evening and my first full-scale outing with the double bass. It went very well and Mike, the sound guy, managed to run it through the system so it sounded audible and natural. I have another gig with it tonight; this time, three jazz sets for a conference party down at St Catz in town. Time to focus on that!

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