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It’s a Small World

Image of the game boxA couple of weeks ago I watched an online video showing a group of people playing the boardgame Small World. It appealed to me, not least because it has a limited number of turns (so it will not drag on for hours) and also because each player turn may affect other players but does not require any interaction from them. That gives the potential for playing with friends and family who I used to game with but who are now too scattered to easily gather together.

You can get a sense of the game from the video or read about it on the Small World website or the BoardGameGeek page. Having played several tabletop games with Jane over the weekend, tonight I am hoping I might get to try playing it online with Magnus using Vassal. Vassal is an open source tool designed to facilitate precisely what I was after — playing games with people at a distance.

It will be interesting to see if it helps make it a small world for other games as well as giving a chance to play Small World with more people.

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