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Passion Play Report

Cowley Road Passion Play Logo - an adaptation of a chirho graphic with an elongated "P" for passion and crossed arms of a Cowley Road street sign and a crucifixion nailYesterday’s Cowley Road Passion Play exceeded all my expectations. We had blue skies and warming sunshine despite the cold, grey, wet weather of the preceding week (and in defiance of the forecasts) and while I had expected a crowd of about 20-30 people, we started with well over a hundred and must have swelled to more than 250 by the end of the journey. Despite fears about being heard, somehow background noises seemed quieter and the actors voices rang out loud and clear. This game was clearly worth the candle.

What next? I need to update the website and hopefully will get links to photos that others took. Being part of the acting, I decided my camera might look rather anachronistic! I don’t know if it will happen again next year but I think it has established a very firm precedent and was a result worth of its cause.

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