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Victory is Mine!

Since my last post on this subject at the end of April, I have played a couple more online games. This time Magnus and I have been joined by Phil, giving a chance to try out the three person game together.  While the game works quite well with two players, adding a third definitely lifts it up a level by multiplying the number of threats and opportunities.

I lost the first game, which was very close fought but won the second with about a 40 point lead over both my opponents. I got a good start with Bivouacking Pixies (lots of pieces, a strong defensive bonus to make up for the Pixies normal weakness and plenty of them left unmolested on the board in their declining years) and then followed up with Forest Barbarians, who survived as a strong force until the end of the game.

I am not sure I will get away with another win of such convincing proportions. Such a victory immediately paints a target sign on you and I suspect Phil and Magnus will also pay closer attention to anyone who seems to be getting ten or more points at the end of each go! Still, I will enjoy the feeling for now.

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