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Pandemic and Dominion

Magnus, Phil and I have recently completed our first online game of Pandemic using Vassal. It ended in failure to reach enough cures before diseases wiped out the world but it was quite fun while it lasted. However, we are not entirely convinced that it lends itself well to the online, turn-based mechanics of the Vassal engine. It gets very confusing trying to keep in mind all the different things going on when the game is spread out across a fortnight or more rather than an hour or so across a table.

We were thinking of trying Carcassonne but, with each turn consisting of picking up and laying a tile, it might not be worth the time taken to load the other players’ log files, review them and save your own each go. However, I have been looking at another possibility, called Dominion. It is a card-based game that Faith mentioned this when Jane and I took Small World down to play with her last weekend and I have been figuring out how to get it working via another Vassal module.

It looks possible, so Dominion may be the next game we try online.

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