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Tuesday 31 July 2012
by Wulf
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In a couple of weeks I will be heading off for a week at Soul Survivor. In preparation I got the tent out last night. I haven’t used this one for a long while. It turns out that we did … Continue reading

Sunday 29 July 2012
by Wulf
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Welcome Delay

If my guitar cable had been where I expected it this morning, we would have been out of the door and on our way to church when the BT engineer called to fix our phone connection. Instead I was delayed … Continue reading

Friday 27 July 2012
by Wulf
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It May be a Quiet Weekend

At least, it may be quiet as far as my online contributions go. Our phone line (and subsequently broadband) is dead. It is currently under investigation but I won’t be surprised if I don’t get another chance to get online … Continue reading

Thursday 26 July 2012
by Wulf
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Summer’s Garden

As a reminder, here is what our back garden was looking like a couple of months ago, at the end of May I took some more photos this morning, which are another reminder of how much change takes place in … Continue reading

Wednesday 25 July 2012
by Wulf
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A Pinch of Salt

At this time of year, flies are getting to be a pain. Sometimes they will obligingly scoot out of a window you kindly open for them but, as often as not, they instead retreat deeper into the house. It wouldn’t … Continue reading

Tuesday 24 July 2012
by Wulf
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Maximum Discount

It was time for a top up shop tonight but those nice people at Tesco made it much more interesting by providing an opportunity for me to stretch my mental arithmetic and memory skills. Last time I went there, I … Continue reading