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Some Synergy

After yesterday’s post I got round to installing Synergy on my Mac to allow me to control my laptop without having to lean uneconomically across the desk. Results have been mixed; it did not take too long to set up but it seems to disable some of the neat gestures on the Magic Trackpad. For the time being, I think I’ll keep it as a solution for when I’m doing a lot of work between machines (and perhaps plug a standard mouse in too); otherwise, I’ll live with today’s solution of reorganising my desk for a better layout.

Not everything is best solved with software!


  1. I used to use Synergy a bit when I would bring my work laptop home and be able to mouse over to the home PC. Much easier using a single keyboard and mouse. Haven’t had a use for it lately as I rarely have more than one PC on the desk. It’s a very cool app.

  2. I’m usig syergy a fair bit at work. One slight problem I’ve come across relativley recently is the UAC within windows 7. If I do something that requires elevation it will not, with my current settings, let me do it via synergy. Most of the time the windows 7 machine is a laptop sothe inconvenience of using a built-in mouse/keyboard for the odd event is not enough for me to dig out a more elegant solution than merely disabling the the security settings.

    • It was thanks to you that I discovered Synergy in the first place. I haven’t used it for a few months now but may rework things (new office, new desk) and try using my Win7 laptop (on which I spend most of the time working on a Linux server via a virtual machine, shown on a second monitor) to let me sweep across to the Mac (which is mainly used to host my visual tasklist, as well as being my media player).