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A Spot of History

I was up late last night working on a spot of history. On the morning of 8 September, St Clement’s church will be open for visitors enjoying the Oxford Preservation Trust’s Open Doors weekend. One thing we want to be able to do is to give visitors some handouts to inform them about the history of the church and some of the features they will find therein, such as the stained glass.

I took a draft booklet someone else prepared last year and, with a few other sources, have boiled it down to a few A4 handouts (much more economical to produce). They still need a bit of work (in particular, I need to walk round inside the church and note all the people mentioned in memorial plaques) but they are a good way towards completion.

Once done, I might post them online here as well (and certainly on the church website). Ideally I would like to push the historical research a bit further, if not back to original sources then at least to a wider range of secondary material but I think I am a good way forward in achieving my purpose of informing any visitors we may have.

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