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Seeking for Songs

One of my main “missions” for my week at Soul Survivor was to find a new song to bring back for church this morning. Part of that was easy as the camp features a lot of singing. There are two main meetings a day, both topped and tailed with extended sets of worship songs and there were a number that captured my ear and imagination.

There were a few problems though. It was difficult to see the title, author and year on the slides showing the lyrics and then I found I could not track most of the songs that struck me down in the books on the bookstall. Even returning home and searching online, I struggled to find the songs I was most interested in. For the one that I decided to use this morning (Break Every Chain by Jesus Culture), I ended up buying the album and figuring out the chords; fortunately the group I was working with this morning wasn’t too tied into needing more detailed notation.

Far be it from me to suggest that such events concentrate more on selling things (in fact, it was refreshing that there wasn’t a lot of plugging of purchasables). However, it would add value as a resource if Soul Survivor published the set lists online and gave easy links for downloading audio files and sheet music for them. I may well get the album from the event when it comes out but the time I want to start using the new songs is right now, while they still ring in my heart.

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