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Time to Survive

I am off this afternoon for a few days at Soul Survivor. Originally the plan had been for Jane and I to accompany the full-time youth leader and some of the young people from our church but it has ended up that it will just be me and Clint (with Jane taking the week off to visit a few of her friends in other places). Clint and I will be helping out with a group drawn from around the Bicester area, where he was working before coming down to Oxford.

It should be excellent and I am going with open eyes and ears to soak up all that I can. It will not be exactly a quiet retreat (although I have packed my ear plugs!) but should be an excellent time to find some space to reflect as well as plenty of concerts and seminars for stimulation. I don’t think I will have net access for the week, so expect all to be quiet on the blogging front for a few days.