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This weekend we have the pleasure of my brother, Magnus, coming to visit. The particular occasion is the marriage of friend in Dartford on Saturday but I also have one or two other plans including the first sampling of my Early Autumn Mild homebrew. It went into bottles at the end of August so early October should be (just about) long enough to have allowed it to gain some maturity.

In particular, I am interested to see if the additional hops I added to the brew come through at all all. This evening I am enjoying a bottle St Peter’s Best Bitter, which has a deliciously strong hoppy aftertaste. If not, then I will be boosting the hops on my next brew, as I love the alluring scent and puckering sourness of their effect. The best bitter is the kind of beer I enjoy, not too alcoholic and tasty enough to dance on the tastebuds rather merely chugged down and I would love to create something that plays on the same ground.

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