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Advantages of a Recipe

Once I get a recipe under my belt I tend to cook it without looking anything up. Tasting and tweaking along the way and making use of what is available in my stores minimises waste and makes each meal unique. The downside, particularly with a recipe that I haven’t used for a long time, is that vital things can be forgotten!

I am aware that purists probably have endless arguments over what constitutes a goulash but, as I sat down at the table for the second time, after remember to get some yogurt to stir in, a few other ingredients from the recipe I have used in the past came to mind, like potatoes and tomato puree. What I had come up with was a very tasty venison stew but probably doesn’t quite deserve the title goulash.

Nevermind. It was good today and, like most stews, will probably be better still tomorrow. This is one to remember to look at the recipe for though next time I decide to cook it!

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