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Flying Dragons

Small dragonfly against a dark background


Do you remember me mentioning how photographing dragonflies can be “an exercise in frustration” while sharing a cameraphone photo of one sitting very still? I have finally got round to finishing off my set from our visit to Knightshayes Court (a National Trust property in Devon) in early September, which was the day I was referring too. Out of countless attempts I have selected five images to keep but they all rely more on color, tone and overall effect more than really revealing the details of the subject insects.

I still have quite a backlog of photos to publish from earlier this year. I must get round to this because, having images pending inhibits me from taking new shots; in turn, that makes me less likely to take my camera out and more likely that I’ll miss the opportunity to make the best of chances like I had later in September when I only had my cameraphone rather than my DSLR set up.

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