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Oxford Votes

I had a look last night at who voted for what in last week’s Synod debate on women bishops, with a particular eye on responses from Oxford. The local bishops (+John of Oxford and +Colin of Dorchester) said yes, local clergy were largely in favour (although not as much as the overall average) and local laity were evenly split. Interestingly, out of those eight people, the four who said no appear to have consisted of two men and two women as did the four who said yes. That is actually less support than I expected.

Given the overall level of the figures, it means that other places were even more in favour, which must have made the final decision even more galling for them. I understand that women priests were accepted only by one vote tipping the balance, and from what I can see, that is working out well, so we’ll have bishops in dresses before long. Oh, wait…!