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Late Harvest

We are almost through to the middle of December and certainly into winter but the garden has plenty to harvest. It is a different economy to earlier in the year and what is taken is unlikely to be replaced until the spring or summer but we can still go out and supplement our fare.

Yesterday I took up the last couple of white beetroot from outside (more are growing snugly in the polytunnel), along with a single, plump radish. I expected it might be woody but the wet conditions have obviously suited it and, while not the best radish I have ever tasted, was quite acceptable, especially sliced thinly.

Top prize must go to the rhubarb patch. Recent freezing weather meant the remaining leaves had begun to droop and soften so I pulled the last stalks — over a kilogram between the plants — and covered the crowns with a mulch of rich, home-made compost. I discarded any areas that were pulpy or discoloured but was still left with ample firm, crisp stems. Consequently we enjoyed rhubarb and custard instead of milk on our breakfast cereal this morning. We “urban farmers” know how to enjoy the high life!

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