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Pi Dish

I have come to the conclusion that I don’t have the right tools and workspace for precision engineering but, nonetheless, I managed to cobble together a mounting board (or “dish”) for my Pi.

A Raspberry Pi mounted on a piece of wood

Pi Dish

The Raspberry Pi (with additional LedBorg LED board sitting on top of the GPIO pins) has had a couple of tiny bolts fastened through the pre-drilled holes, which are then pushed into a couple of thin dowels. I drilled small holes in the end of each dowel and hammered the other end into holes drilled in the mounting block. The larger dowels are glued in place on the wood and simply act to provide additional support round the edges of the Pi.

Not incredibly elegant but it will do for now. The next step will probably be to add a clear covering over the top to keep dust off.


  1. What are you using the ledborg for? Just to make it look pretty? Are there any practical uses?

    • The current plan is to hook it up to the work network as a server monitor. I recently set up a webpage that monitors several servers I am responsible for and lets me check vital statistics like free disk space but I have to remember to look at it.

      I don’t think it would be too tricky to poll each server with a looping Python script and return a “traffic light” status code – probably green for “okay” and red for “needs checking”. With only one light and about six machines to report on I might also use interstitial colours to report on overall status as well as rotating round the servers. I was thinking of a duller green between each server if all is okay and perhaps a flashing orange if any one of them is in need of attention.