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Reviewing Myself

No, not a whole year review; I was just thinking of how I did with the music (music and electric guitar) at last night’s final 6:30pm service of the year at St Clement’s.

Overall the results were middling. I had given some input into the songs but it probably was not a set I would have chosen left entirely to my own devices. Townend’s From the Squalor of a Borrowed Stable has excellent lyrics but was a new tune to most of us and my first time performing it in public. I can only hope that the rough edges of my attempt invoked the feeling of a less than perfect birthing suite! I’m not sure I was even quite in key when I started singing. Lesson: with an unfamiliar tune, play the first few bars of the melody as an introduction. Kendrick’s Like a Candle Flame is again a very commendable song but not so widely familiar; I don’t know why I didn’t spot the hazards of trying to lead an antiphonal chorus with just the one voice.

Much more successful was What Child is This, which adds Victorian lyrics and arrangement on top of what is reputed to be a Tudor tune (Greensleeves). When the melody is a well-worn groove, it is much easier to give a strong vocal lead and concentrate on feeling the story of the words rather than tripping over the corners. Most surprising of all was the announcement of Great is Thy Faithfulness to close. Fortunately this is also a familiar tune with easy chords; for some reason I had it in my head that we were ending on How Great Thou Art and so had been working on that during the afternoon. So confident was I that I didn’t even look to closely at the service order when I arrived. There are plenty of other songs that would have provided a much more difficult landing so I will be more careful to check in future.

So, not quite covered in glory but it was enough to support rather than ruin the service so a fairly decent final appearance of the year!

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