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I seem to be spending a lot of my time doing homework at the moment. I suppose it is the natural partner of study and I’m doing a weekly evening course on the Bible this term, a day course on the Church of England this Saturday and some preparation for leading the morning service this Sunday.

Saturday’s course is what has taken most of the evening. Last night I reminded myself of the “Elizabethan Settlement”, two acts of parliament from the 1558-59 session of Parliament that are part of the foundation of Church of England. This evening it was back to a few samples from the 39 Articles and then digging up various facts about the Diocese of Oxford.

The question that was hardest to answer was “Discover some examples of Urban Priority Areas (UPA)”. I might have missed something obvious but I couldn’t find anything particularly helpful on the Diocesan website (which was very useful for the other questions) but I did find a Guardian article that linked to an excellent interactive map of UK levels of deprivation and wealth (c. 2010). According to that, parts of Milton Keynes look like the poorest parts of the diocese.

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