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There’s a Mouse Loose About this House

If the title words ending -se all rhyme, you are probably Scottish, but my subject for today is not linguistics but rodents.

A mouse hiding in the garden

Garden Mouse

See him yet?

A close up of the above picture, making the mouse more visible

Garden Mouse – Cropped

That should be clearer.

A very close crop, showing just the mouse

Close Crop

Here is a close crop of our small, furry visitor. I had been looking at a blue tit on one of our bird feeders when a movement on the ground caught my eye. It appears that a mouse has been assisting our feathered friends in cleaning up dropped seed.

I didn’t know how long he would be there so grabbed my camera and used the 50mm lens on it (at f/4, ISO 800 and a 1/25s shutter speed). I did try a couple of shots down a pair of binoculars but this did not give enough light for an overcast morning.

At the moment, this appears rather cute but it will be a different story if he and his family decide to take an interest in the culinary properties of bulbs and seedlings!

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