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Today’s Music Discoveries

There have been two serendipitous musical discoveries in my day. Firstly, I spotted that my copy of the Real Book had flicked to The Saga of Harrison Crabfeathers. I didn’t think I’d heard of it before but I dug up a video on YouTube, performed by Steve Kuhn’s Jazz Quartet and it sounded rather familiar. I don’t know whether I have heard it before or if it is just melodies and harmonies that sit well with my ears but it was very enjoyable and one I will seek an opportunity to play with others.

Following that, I listened to several versions of the tune on Spotify, which led me to discover the rich voice of Sheila Jordan. Her version was for a duet of voice and double bass and led me to her 1977 recording with Arild Andersen, called simply Sheila. That was a whole set of bass / vocal duets and another to add to my list of favourites.

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