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Fire in the Morning

My early nights must be paying off as, even sans alarm, I was awake and not feeling inclined to slumber on by quarter to seven this morning. Then it struck me that my next door neighbour probably wouldn’t have her washing out and thus I could have the bonfire I didn’t get round to yesterday.

The particular purpose for this good blaze was to create wood ash, which will be spread on the bed I am planning to grow brassicas in. It will raise the pH, which (within limits) that family of plants enjoys  and this will also promote good root health. I will need to do some pH testing before planting the seedlings but, for now, the key thing is to get on with applying the treatment.

Therefore, my task this afternoon is going to be to apply the ashes which are currently cooling in our firepit and then that is another preparatory job ticked off the list for the crops I want to cultivate later in the year.

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