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Colourful Dinner

I have had a fairly high calorie weekend (with the virtual trip to Sweden and then two dinners yesterday evening, the first at home and the second out with the youth group) so the order of today was to make use of some of our veg and to keep the calories down.

My solution was to serve up several colourful and tasty components. Onion and mushroom, stewed with green tomato chutney, was fairly brown but very tasty; it could have done with rocket or spinach mixed in just before serving to add some vivid green and also a flavour contrast. Red lentils with pickled red pepper was beautifully orange, while purple was provided by a spoonful of pickled red cabbage.

I think the winner for taste though was the pureed cauliflower. Boiled until soft and then mashed with salt, pepper and some crumbled feta, it was not colourful at all but tasted deliciously creamy and suprisingly cheesy. Mission accomplished!

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