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Did you miss me?

Probably not, as yesterday’s “trip” to Sweden was a virtual holiday rather than the kind with a higher carbon footprint. We enjoyed gravalax salmon with scrambled eggs and dill for breakfast, soup with cream cheese for lunch, saffron bread for a treat and (inevitably) meatballs for dinner. Food was washed down with a glass of Swedish fruit cider and a tipple of schnapps and we watched a couple of episodes of Wallander (with English subtitles).

We supplemented these experiences with our Internet access: a short language lesson, streaming radio (no, the lesson wasn’t enough to pick out more than a smattering of words), a lesson on Swedish food from Jamie Oliver and a visual tour round parts of Stockholm with Google Streetview and some fantastic immersive panoramas.

All in all, an excellent way to experience somewhere new without the expense of a full-blown city break.

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