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Maybe get a blister on my finger…

Do you remember the Dire Straits song, Money for Nothing? I must almost have arrived at the rockstar lifestyle, having picked up a blister on my thumb at a worship session I led yesterday evening. It was for a Christian conference happening in Oxford and I wasn’t sure if there would be any other musicians around so I planned around solo six string bass and voice.

As it turned out, there were a couple of talented folks who supported me on keys and voices but I still played my rendition of I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say as an opening number, along with the rhythmically and harmonically rich slap-strummed accompaniment I had worked out. It proved to be a good starting point for an excellent session (with the aforementioned support and an enthusiastic congregation, it was easy to lead) but I realised later that I had picked up a blister. If I try and pull that one off again, I’ll try and remember to turn up the amp and play a bit more gently!

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