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Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

I am not sure whether to classify it as inspiring or guilt-inducing but there is something about the sight of a stack of unfinished books that prompts me to pick them up and press on until they are completed. It is never quite that simple as I find it hard to resist the temptation to throw new books into the mix before all the old ones are read but, with the help of reminders (most come from the library) I manage to churn through them at a fairly good rate.

One of the challenges of electronic books compared to their “dead tree” counterparts is that they lack the same tangible presence. I suppose I could start an “In Progress” collection on my Kindle but that would still need me to switch the ereader on and consciously visit the collection to get a sense of what was in the queue. Or perhaps, when we finish the current bit of decorating and I can hopefully dedicate a shelf to books currently on the boil, I could get a few old books or similar sized objects and insert them in the collection, with temporary titles jotted on the spines to remind me?

There certainly is no end to the potential reading I could do! I also need to make sure I allow enough time to reflect on what I read so that I can benefit from recalling at least some of it long after the books (physical or otherwise) have gone far out of sight back in their proper places.

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