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The Agony of Choices

Sometimes I have my doubts about how much of a blessing it is to have a wide range of choices. For example, we are in the process of decorating one of our rooms and are presently at the relatively easy stage of emptying it out and stripping back the walls. We need to have this done by Friday when we have someone coming into to plaster the ceiling (I put my foot through it when boarding the loft a couple of years ago, so getting round to properly finishing it off was not too difficult a decision). We will have to wait for the new plaster to dry before we can paint it, and that needs to be done before we attend to the walls and floor, so the choice of how to decorate and refit the room is a little way off but now beginning to loom.

I think we will probably paper, to cover imperfections and to provide a little extra insulation, but should it be plain, patterned or textured? What colour or colours should we introduce? What furniture should we reuse or replace and how should it be arranged? It is bewildering, not least because we really have so many choices.

I need to sit down with pen and paper and start scribbling ideas, exploring possible visuals and pinning down inspiration. We want something that is pleasing and practical, neither shoddy nor recklessly extravagant. That in itself will help narrow down the options. I am grateful that we can consider more than the cheapest paper, a coat of trade magnolia and an ill-matched medley of cast-off furniture but the real choice I want to make is not to get so obsessed by the details of the decoration that I miss more important things going on in life.

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