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Bass Instinct by Will Macmillan Jones

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Bass Instinct

I remember once reading a comic fantasy novel that was so egregious that the only two things stuck in my mind about it are a ludicrous passage punning on the word catastrophe and that, as far as I can recall, the author’s forename was Robert. The only reason I would want to be reminded of more details would be to enable me to avoid further encounters with it. Sad to say, the latest book I have got as a LibraryThing early reviewer is another I would place in the same category.

It is written in a comic fantasy vein. I love some work in that genre, such as the writings of Sir Terry Pratchett, but I am afraid this falls on the other side of the pile. You can see how, as a bassist, the title hooked me but, once I started reading it, little else struck a chord. How does a dragon play with any precision? If you appreciate the bass-geek pun, then possibly you will love the book but most of the jokes are less subtle.

There are already a number of books in the series and dates are given for a couple of future releases but I don’t think I will following The Banned Underground on any further tours. 2/5.

12 April, 2013 by Wulf Forrester-BarkerBook Review

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