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Gloopy Paint

I think I am just about done with painting the ceiling we had plastered last week. For the first coat I used some old, slightly watered-down white that we have had kicking around since our last project. To finish off though I was attracted by a tin of ceiling paint.

This turns out to be extra gloopy, not quite as set as a stiffly-beaten meringue but it certainly took some encouragement to get it out of the pot and into the roller tray. For all that it is meant to be anti-spatter, I still got a fair decoration of tiny dots on me, but it seems to have worked fairly well.

The other formulation I was intrigued by was paint that goes on pink and dries to white. That would have been useful tonight – as more coats go on, it gets harder to tell where you have covered. My worry with that was if it might then revert to some shade of pink over the course of time. For now though, I think that is most of the painting done. The next challenge is wallpapering which, as far as I can recall, I have so far managed to avoid all my adult life!