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Having friends round for dinner is great. If nothing else, it is a chance to break out the chef’s hat and put a little extra effort into dinner (pan-sweetened carrots with lemon and mint, followed by a baked chicken dish on a bed of onion and potato, topped with spinach and enhanced with olives and saffron, in case you were interested). As well as a treat for the stomach, it is also a delight for the soul, with the chance to conversationally explore subjects of interest.

My starting point with tonight’s guest was running through my current draft for the talk I will be giving at the St Clement’s evening service in a couple of weeks on the subject of “Faith in Painting”. It was valuable to bounce ideas around with someone who is well-informed in this area and I feel reassured that I’m safely on track (although I’ve been lent a couple more books which work around aspects of the subject so there is still scope for being derailed onto new ideas!).

However, discussion moved onto other topics being covered in the series, which included “Faith in Sketches”. I was away that weekend and missed the service but, knowing Clint, who was speaking, I think it would have focused more on drama than on pencil and paper. In turn, that caused me to look up The Skit Guys and their sketch called “God’s Chisel“. I can’t see an easy way to embed that but follow the link to watch it on YouTube. It is a very profound piece; a little bit of stage magic and what could perhaps be seen as a deep meditation on Ephesians 2:10. We are God’s workmanship and he doesn’t make junk (room for discussion, but watch the video first).

That’s what I love about making time with people; your thoughts might not end up quite where they started but they will certainly be enriched.

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