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The Blogger’s Survival Guide by Lexie Lane and Becky McNeer

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The Blogger’s Survival Guide

I am a blogger and, if you care to look back, you will see that I have managed to pursue my blogging endeavour for over a decade. Therefore, I felt that I could approach The Blogger’s Survival Guide with a certain measure of expertise.

Perhaps that also makes me a difficult customer and I spotted several omissions and errors. For example, despite a whole chapter on “The Legal Stuff” and plenty of room devoted to the value of making your blog look suitably pretty, I could not find a single mention of seeking out photos under a Creative Commons licence. Also, a surprising amount of space seemed devoted to illustrated guides to how to get blogging with Blogger or WordPress but this has the problem of fixing the advice at a point in time; another missing discussion was whether blogging is likely to continue in its present form or mutate out of all recognition over the next few years.

I think a more honest title would have been “how to try to make some money or at least gain some kudos by blogging” but, not only is that less catchy, it would be problematic when money-spinning technique number one is probably to try and persuade others to buy your musings on how to blog (which I suspect results in a very low level pyramid of reward). The wealth I have gained from my blog is in its contribution to relationships with a range of diverse and wonderful people; I would love some more of them to pick up and persist with the blogging habit but I don’t think this is a book I would be likely to direct them too.

A pretty wide range of information but, from my perspective, it appears to have some gaps and certainly isn’t focused on the kind of blogging I am most interested in. 3/5.

16 May, 2013 by Wulf Forrester-BarkerBook Review

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