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Jane and I pushed onto the next level of wallpapering yesterday, hanging a patterned design in the bedroom:

Wallpaper with a quince blossom pattern, red on white.

The new paper

This is the result, with a pattern that reminds us of the flowering quince (Chaenomeles x superba ‘Crimson and Gold’) we have in our back garden.

The seam is not quite invisible but doesn’t stand out except on close inspection; the bold overall pattern takes precedence. It was a job and half though even though we only used this paper on a couple of walls. It is relatively flimsy compared to the paper we used in the room we decorated last month (and used on the other walls in this room, contrasting plain with texture against flat with pattern). Still, we got it up without any disasters, our calculations gave us enough paper for the job and the quince pattern twists properly across the edges of each individual drop of paper.

Now we just need to get the curtain rail back up and can then start putting furniture back in its proper position, returning the upstairs of our house to a semblance of normality!

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