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Sunday 30 June 2013
by Wulf
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Did Those Feet?

One of the two congregational songs at yesterday’s wedding was Blakes Jerusalem. It does have a stirring tune and a magnificent reputation but I have always assumed that the simple answer to the questions posed in the first stanza is … Continue reading

Saturday 29 June 2013
by Wulf
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Must Be Sous Vide

The rather delicious duck breast we enjoyed at a wedding this afternoon was cooked to perfection, browned on the outside but pink and most in the centre. Since this was accomplished for over a hundred guests, I wonder if they … Continue reading

Thursday 27 June 2013
by Wulf
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BoDNAnt Gardens?

Earlier this year, we visited Botnant Garden in North Wales. It was fascinating; it is a shame it isn’t local enough for regular return trips. The Laburnum arch must have been stunning: we have been much more aware of laburnums … Continue reading

Tuesday 25 June 2013
by Wulf
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The Pace of Modern Life

Have you ever come across those quotes from the past which illustrate how things have changed less than we might think. Sure, we have mobile internet and a computer is a device that can get lost in a pocket rather … Continue reading

Monday 24 June 2013
by Wulf
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Wibble Wobble

This weekend’s new food first was creating a jelly. I’ve done the basic kind, melting blocks of pre-flavoured jelly, in the past but this time I was using a sachet of powdered gelatin. For my main jelly, I strained off … Continue reading